Top Five Pirate Name Generators

Seein as this be Talk Like A Pirate Day and there seems to be a bit of interest in Pirates-I thought I would make a little list of the Top Pirate Name Generators. So here they be in no particular order.

Get a Pirate Name-from here thee be callin me by my true and proper name-Pirate Clive the Staggering Drunk.

What’s Your Pirate Name?By this site’s reconnin my name be Bloody Coby Beard and my ship be The Lady Vita Sea Gold.

The Pirate Name Generator Game-Here me name be the fairly simple Gerald Gruda.

Your Pirate Name-This here site will be knowing me as Captain Keelhauler.

Find Ye a Pirate Name-Arrgh, a site with a touch class be this one here, I am so named Hairy John Higgins, Esquire.

Made it an even half dozen, pirates never could count worth a bloody farthing.

What’s Your Pirate Name?-This here site be a little less classy with it’s name generation. Here I be known as Evil Beard of Maggots.

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Writer, Photographer, Blogger.

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2 comments on “Top Five Pirate Name Generators

    Cool idea! I never new this naming the pirate do exist! Cool. ^^

    I think all can just be named as “jack sparrow” the only pirate name i have heard of! hahahah

    pity on me!

  2. DESCARTES says:

    There be all sorts of name generators floating about that vast and mysterious web-

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