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The Rich and Famous love to blog as much as the rest of us do. Some even more so. I have often been shocked and amazed at people who have blogs. There are hundreds of writers that have blogs. Many of these writers I have never heard of, but it still boggles the mind that they spent time working on a blog rather than working a book.

One of the cool things about blogs is that they are easy to start. Just a few clicks and Bam! you have a blog. But then there is all that stuff that follows afterwards. Like actually writing in it everyday. Who has time for that? Well, a few celebrities seem to have the time.

My Top Ten Blogs by Famous People only had one rule, the people writing the blogs had to have posted something in the last week. This narrowed down the pool of celebrity blogs quite a lot. Just about everyone who is famous for anything has started a blog. Not very many of them have stuck to it. There are a ton of Famous People blogs that have one or two posts and then no more. Some were done in connection with TV Shows that are no more. Some just said to hell with it. Several started blogs and then wiped them off the face of the internet. These are fun and interesting blogs by people that are famous. Or were at one time, anyway.

Dave Barry’s Blog Dave Barry’s blog-Dave Barry is a very funny guy and his blog has all kinds of silly links to the odds and ends that he finds funny. Dave’s blog posts are not as long and thoughtful as his articles, but he does post a lot of them. This is more like the emails your Mom sends than a real blog, but I kind of like it.

journal| Moby’s blog- I first read Moby’s blog a couple of years ago and was amazed that it read, well, just like a blog. He seems to have adopted a more short hand style of writing these days, but I still like to drop in once in a while. 18 is one my all time favorite CDs. It’s not for everyone, but then, what is?

Blog Maverick Mark Cuban’s blog Mark Cuban was one of those internet geeks that made a billion dollars overnight, so he bought the Dallas Mavericks. He has strong opinions on just about everything. He had a bad reality show for a thankfully brief time, and he was on Dancing with the Stars not too long ago. It’s amazing what a ton of cash can do for your life. He hit the bloody limit on Facebook friends! 5k and I still haven’t got a bleeding one. Well, I guess I can scratch Mark Cuban off my want list.

Meredith Today Meredith Vieira’s blog. Yes that’s the woman who took over the Chair from Regis Philbin to host Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and took over the chair for Katie Couric on The Today Show. Not to mention vacating the chair on The View. Not surprisingly her iVilliage blog talks a lot about the gang on The Today Show, but she has a few others things to say as well. Meredith’s blog reads mostly like a blog, and for a celebrity, she gets surprisingly few comments.

R Blog Rosie O’Donnell’s blog. The Big R-Rosie O’Donnell, famous for flaming The Donald and ranting rather a lot. Rosie has made the same discovery that many blogger make-if you post a video you don’t have to actually write anything. There are a number of blogs that I used to read, but don’t read any more, as the bloggers have decided it’s more fun to be a V-Jay than a blogger. Rosie still writes once in a while though, and maybe you like looking at videos.

The Trump Blog Donald Trump’s blog. Donald Trump’s blog is more of a co-op effort, with The Donald making the occasional appearance and the daily posts being taken care of by others. Not surprisingly the Trump Blog leans toward the more serious side, offering advice and how-to instead of opinions. The Trump Blog loads fast and work very well. Some blogs tend to stick on my old system, but not the Donald’s. He doesn’t allow comments- too bad, might be fun to poke him with a sharp stick and see what would happen. He has about 3700 more RSS subscribers than I do and his Alexa rank is 51,251-somebody is listening to what The Donald has to say.

LKH Blog Laurell K Hamilton’s blog. OK, Laurell K Hamilton is one of my guilty pleasures. Her Anita Blake novels are wonderful and weird and so over the top that they verge on the silly. They are also damned good reads. These are books about vampires and the monsters that hang out with vampires. She doesn’t want comments either-and that is also a pity here. I think comments are a big part of a blog, but I can understand that someone like Laurell might attract, well, nutjobs. She loved Sweeney Todd, a movie that turned my stomach, and I would have like to talk to her about that. Oh well.

Jamie Oliver: Diary Jamie Oliver’s blog. He is an infrequent blogger, but a pretty fun one. Jamie Oliver is one of those blogger that I would like to hang out with. I doubt that he would want to hang out with me. One of my all time favorite reality shows is Jamie’s Kitchen, in which he takes kids on the dole and gives them a job. The damned kids still don’t do the right thing even when Jamie Oliver himself is trying to teach them! Brilliant show. He carries on the Tradition with 15, a chain of restaurants that employ the disadvantaged.

Perez Hilton Perez Hilton’s blog. Perez Hilton is The Man. I have blogged about Perez Hilton a few other times and I am still in awe of his meteoric rise to fame. Perez Hilton’s page views are said to run as high as 8 million a day with about 35 million a week-and growing. His Alexa rank is 840-remember it is a pretty big deal to be in the top 100,000 of Alexa. Perez Hilton has a Technorati Authority of 10,126 making him number 13 on the Top 100. His many daily posts will often have over a hundred comments each. I got a link back from Perez Hilton one day and I was as shocked as if I had gotten a visit from The Queen. Well, the other Queen.

Roseanne World Roseanne Barr’s blog. Once upon a time Roseanne Barr was funny. Her humor was biting and relevant and we all tuned in to watch her and Dan raise their dysfunctional kids on TV. But the 80s are over, man. Roseanne made the cut here, not because she is old and bitter, but because she blogs everyday. Ok, maybe it would be closer to the truth to say she bitches everyday. She has a link of her blog to Rosie’s blog, which I find kind of funny. Maybe since they both hate The Donald it’s that whole The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend bit. She can be fun to read, but I think she’d a bit more fun if she lightened up once in a while.

Ok that’s my list of The Top Ten Blog by Famous People-if any of you fine bloggers want to give me a link back in return for the mention, feel free. I won’t be holding my breath though.

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