Top Ten I Doser Doses

I Doser is a program that creates brainwave synchronization through the use of binaural beats with the goal of achieving altered states of consciousness without the use of drugs. I Doser is one of my favorite programs for easily achieving altered states of consciousness.

I-Doser is a binaural brainwave stimulator that claims to give you a drug like high without the dangers of taking drugs. I have never been a big fan of drugs, so I can’t attest as to whether or not these doses-as I Doser calls is music tracks- make you feel like your on Ecstasy or Mescaline-but I can tell you which ones make me feel all warm fuzzy and lead me into an altered state of consciousness.

I-Doser works because the brain has two halves and each half senses the world in a slightly different way. Sound is the easiest way to effect these differences. I-Doser plays two tones at slightly different frequencies, which causes a sort of throbbing dissonance as the two tones interact with each other. Your brain has to work to try and sort out the noise into something that makes sense, like listening to someone on the phone while someone else is talking to you in person. This stimulation is slightly different with each I-Doser dose and that is what causes the experiences to differ.

The Tech is not yet up there with The Matrix, so none of the programs around at the moment are going to be exactly like taking a real drug and getting drunk. There is often a comment or two left on posts about I Doser and similar programs that they are lame. Lame they may be, but these programs will not ruin your life, make you steal from your loved ones, or cause you to walk off a rooftop because you think you can fly. They are interesting and stimulating. As a writer, I find the subtle tweaking of thoughts is almost always a good thing. If you write it will I Dozer is playing in the background, you might find yourself writing slightly more interesting things. Well, at least to yourself.

My Top Ten I Doser Doses-

1. Sleeping Angels-

2. Peyote-

3. Absinthe-

4. White Crosses-

5. Black Sunshine-

6. Alcohol-

7. French Roast-

8. Content-

9. Ecstasy-

10. Lucid Dreaming-

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    You obviously haven’t tried Hand of God or Gates of Hades then. AMAZING!!!

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