Topless Halloween Costume

Ok, maybe this cute little Chain Mail Halloween Costume from Amazon is not really topless, just transparent. I wonder if it is real metal? That would be heavy in addition to being pretty damned cold. There seems to be a few chain mail type outfits on Amazon and not just for Halloween.

Of course, this not a scary Halloween Costume, unless she takes it off and hits you over the head with it. There’s also no Halloween mask, but that might be a Halloween wig. Definitely not a Disney Halloween Costume. Of course, Vanessa Anne Hudgens might like the look of it. Nah, this girl is wearing too much clothing. Vanessa Anne Hudgens would have to take off the g-string.

It is a kind of Hollywood Halloween costume, what with the pretty vamp striking a pose. I could see Paris Hilton wearing, for a few minutes anyway. No, I see Paris in more of a Tinker Bell Halloween Costume. Oh wait, that’s her dog isn’t it?
Of course, the big Halloween Costume news this year is dressing up your dog. Jay Leno loves pictures of dogs in Halloween costumes. This lady could have a dog Halloween Costume like Wishbone used to wear when he was playing Robin Hood.

There have been a lot of stories about how sexy the Halloween Costumes are this year and how women are getting in touch with their inner prostitute. But the fact of the matter is that most women are already on intimate terms with that not so inner working girl. No need for a Halloween Costume when most girls from the age of ten up wear more revealing clothes than Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman. So it should be no surprise that their Halloween Costumes would take their ‘normal’ clothes to the next level.

Kinds of makes you want to go trick or treating, doesn’t it? Now where did I put that Dirty Old Man Costume?

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