Torchwood Miracle Day

In Torchwood Miracle Day death takes a holiday-and it looks more like a permanent leave.  The interesting Torchwood bit is that Captain Jack, our hero, has been immortal-until Miracle Day that is.  So is it all a plot to kill off Captain Jack for good?

The first season of Torchwood had a high sexual content, as many British sci-fi shows do these days.  The second season they dropped it down a couple of notches.  The third season had little to no sex that I recall.  This latest Torchwood, from the BBC and Starz held the sex back until episode three of ten.  Must be in John Barrowman’s contract that we are all reminded that he is gay and that we have visual proof of the fact that he is gay.  Captain Jack Harkness is more pansexual-he makes a pass at Doctor Who and Rose Tyler when we first meet him.

Miracle Day is about more than the two surviving members of Torchwood, it is about the fundamental question of what to do with people who should be dead, but can no longer die.  A planet filled with immortals will soon run short on food, water, housing, and so on.  Nothing good comes from this miracle.

Bill Pullman, one of the main characters, plays a pedophile sentenced to be executed when the miracle occurred.   Bill looks pretty rough around the edges.  Of course, it has been almost 15 years since Independence Day.

Anyway.  He becomes an unlikely spokesperson for the one drug company who just happens to have a seemingly endless supply of pain killers on hand.  It’s all about the money.  Really?  Money?  Well, I’m sure it will all make more sense in time.  Maybe.

One of the running gags in the first couple of episodes has been the fact that Eve Myles’ Gwen Cooper is from Wales and does the usual bit of calling Chips Crisps and Cell phones Mobiles and so on and so forth.  Another bit is the idea of Wales being a separate country-one of the Americans says that Wales in basically London’s New Jersey.  It is kind of funny that Wales, Ireland, and Scotland all want to be thought of as counties-well, Texas and Hawaii were both countries once upon a time.

Torchwood Miracle Day is a fun show, but I’m not that big a fan of these season long story arcs.  I want Torchwood to be a one episode, one story kind of show.  But I guess those days are gone forever.

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