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James Marsters-Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Spike-has a role in Season Two of Torchwood. For those not in the know, Torchwood is a spin-off of Dr Who and features the sexual adventures of Captain Jack Harkness. There was a lot of sex talk last season, the most baffling being about the Many Uses of a Stopwatch. So it is no real surprise that Captain Jack greets his old Time Corp buddy with a full on kiss. The Pansexual Captain Jack is Captain Kirk taken to it’s logical extreme-he will shag anything that moves, and does so as often as possible.

Ok, it is not just about the sex lives of our heroes, there are also aliens running around and Torchwood is pretty much the Men In Black in Britain. Except that all the aliens they met are nasty bits of work. They all want to enslave humankind and take over the world, or just kill all of humankind and take over the world, or well, just take over the world. Why all these monsters want the earth is never fully explained, but they do seem to show up on a regular basis.

Martha Jones, Dr Who’s recent Companion, is going make a guest appearance on Torchwood as well. She has already met Captain Jack and shared her feelings of lusting after the Doctor, just as Jack does. One of the best bits in the new Dr Who has Captain Jack telling the Doctor and Martha that when he was young, he so pretty they called him the Face of Boe. One of the countless mysteries surrounding our hero, is he really a semi-immortal who lives so long that he saves the Human Race in a million years or so? Looks that way.

In the meantime, he is hanging out on Earth, in the 21st Century, because that is when everything changes. The second season of Torchwood has our team re-united, after Captain Jack ran off to be Dr Who for a couple of episodes. At the start of the first episode, an alien that looks a lot like a Lion Fish is racing down the street in a sports car. He lets a little old lady cross the road, and then roars off. The Torchwood Landrover rolls up and asks the woman if she has seen a Blowfish driving a sports car and she points down the road. After they drive off, she mutters under her breath, ‘Bloody Torchwood.”

It’s a fun show, but I’m not sure I would really want the world protected by only five people, and these five in particular. It is fun though. And if anyone knows about the many Things You Can Do With A Stopwatch, I’d like to hear about them.

Torchwood Season Two is on the BBC in Britain and BBC America in the good old U.S.of A. Angel Station likes Torchwood, but doesn’t like the main characters. Alan finds it all a bit confusing, but then, I think that is kind of the point of the show. They don’t want it to make too much sense. I still like it though.

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