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During a Disney panel that was ostensibly set up to promote “Race to Witch Mountain,” the studio waited until the very end to reveal their new version of “Tron.” And the new film has an official title, “Tr2n.” Yes, it is officially a sequel.-MTV

Tron was a wonderfully odd film-one of those rare moments when Disney stepped away from traditional cartoons and Escape To Witch Mountain (Disney isn’t really making a new Witch Mountain, are they?) to take on something a bit more serious. If you consider being sucked into a computer and being forced to play video games serious. Tron was cool because the effects were amazing for their time and that whole filmed in black & white and colored in a computer later was so high tech.

But now-26 years later, well, 28 years by the time TR2N should hit theaters-Disney lives by the big computer generated epic. So why not go back and make TR2N? Jeff bridges, looking a bit old and haggard-though not bald as he was in Iron Man-is back for TR2N.

There have already been a few TR2N bootlegs put on and pulled off of YouTube, so I don’t know if this one will still work when you click it or not. As with most bootlegs the quality is not as great as it could be, I found the cleaned up version on Filmstalker.

The TR2N video shows a rider in a Light Cycle race who crashes and manages to grab onto something before falling into one of those bottomless digital canyons. Jeff Brides walks around a large display and stares down as the winning rider stops and pulls his Disc or Frisbee or whatever they called those glowing round things off his back. It’s only a game. Not any more.

TR2N-a sequel I might actually want to see.

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