Kind of Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets The Terminator. We start off by watching someone die as a clock counts down their death. They fall down and die, only to come back to life as the clock starts counting up again.

As in the brillant and far too short lived Brain Dead, the aliens who take over the bodies continue to pretend they are the bodies they are wearing. Our Cell is made up of five Travelers from the future who, like Kyle Reese, want to save the future. They have cool future tech and of course know things like which horse will win and what numbers are going to come up in the lottery.

Mixed in with the need to change the future is the usual drama that comes from being alive and having to deal with friends and family. One has an abusive husband. One is a drug addict. One has a body with a severly damaged brain. And so on and so forth. The present is a shock to our heroes, all of the things we take for granted are gone, such as milk.

Then our heroes have to fight off other factions from the future. Other Cells of Travelers with different missions. They also spend a good deal of time meeting newly arrived Travelers. The show ends with a fun twist.

One odd thing for me is how they choose the people they hijack in the past. They know when someone is going to die down to the second. They wait until a few seconds before that death and take over the body. Uh, why? In one episode our heroes save a few hundred lives, why are there not a few hundred Travelers waiting to hop into those bodies? If they can hop into any body they choose, why take over after a person has died, or seconds away from dying? And why then pretend to be the person.

Travelers was a fun show and I liked it. A bit of sex, a bit of violence, and a lot of things blowing up. The stories are pretty good as well.

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