Wii Bowling is Hard

Being an old guy and a cheapskate and not having any kids-I have never played with a Wii before yesterday. Wii Sports has a number of games where odd little characters do such mundane things as go bowling, play golf, or play tennis.

I mainly went bowling and I found the whole swinging my arm and pressing and releasing a button thing to be much harder than I expected. Being a long time veteran of old world games like PacMan and Tetris, where body language didn’t matter but was often added anyway, I just had a hard time with the Wii timing.

One of the fun things that happened often was I dropped the bowling ball behind me and all the other bowlers jumped up in the air in surprise. It took a while to figure how how to adjust for speed. I never did figure out the golf game, as I would hit the putts hard enough to put them in the rough. I’m sure it just takes practice.

My high score on bowling was a 177, which is a bit better than my real world high score of about a 160 the last time I went bowling. Wii bowling was fun, but it really made me want go down to a bowling alley and bowl for real.

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2 comments on “Wii Bowling is Hard
  1. RELAX MAX says:

    I was thinking about making someone buy one of those things for me for Christmas, just to get some winter exercise. Are they really that realistic? I mean, can you actually get exercise from playing them? Do you buy the main thing and then just buy games separately? I guess. Hope you do go bowling. I haven’t been in a very long time.

  2. DESCARTES says:

    There are stories of the dangers of Wiis, as people tend to let the control slip out of their hands and crash into their big screen TVs. Thus they get the exercise of buying a new tv and installing it.

    There is a lot of movement, and if you are as out of shape as I am, then it is a better workout than doing nothing.

    Haven’t go bowling yet, but I am thinking about it.

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