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Wilhem Walengrave

Writing is an amazing experience. Editing is hell on earth. Selling is next to impossible.

For all creatives, these are the best of times and the worst of times. Anyone can be published. Anyone can make a movie. Anyone can release their own album. And pretty much everyone has. New content is constantly being created and added to Amazon, YouTube, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, etc, etc, etc. There is a wonderful little rush that comes from hitting the button that allows something you created to be available to the world. And a wonderful little bump of depression when no notices.

I’ve written five novels about a Vampire named Wilhem Walengrave and his many odd and curious adventures. Three of them have been published on Amazon. These are full-length novels, each one a bit over a hundred thousand words. I didn’t chop them up into six or more small books so I could later sell each one as a ‘series.’ I’m not much of an online marketer.

But I do like to write.

When I’m not working, and sometimes when I am, I do a lot of writing. On a good day, I can bang out several thousand words. On a bad day, I still tend to hit the thousand a day that is occasionally recommended to would be authors. I can do this because I have very detailed outlines. I have the skeleton handy and then all I have to do is put the flesh on it. I used to be a total seat of the pants writer, but I never actually finished any of the novels I started that way. A good outline gives me an idea where to go.

I wrote my first stories about vampires a good twenty years ago. If I had written my novels then, I might have found a regular publisher and maybe HBO would have turned one of them into a TV show. Not likely, but hey, it never hurts to dream.

Wil lives in a world much like our own, except with Supernaturals running around. Everyone knows about them and life goes on much as it does here. Vampires and Werewolves and Dragons and the like make the occasional appearance, but most humans ignore them and go about their business. For the most part, I ignore the human world in my books and focus on Master Walengrave and the women who take up a good deal of his time.

The bulk of the stories are about Wil’s job as a Code Enforcer, where he does a bit of bounty hunting for the Fort Worth Consulate of the Vampire Commission. The rest of the stories are about his lovers and friends and the possible end of the world as we know it. All writers love destroying the world, and I’m no different.

If you do read one of my books, please leave a review.

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