You, Sir, Are No John Chow!

John Chow is one of a handful of bloggers that people outside the blogger universe may have heard of- or maybe not. Doesn’t matter to John Chow, as he is rolling in the dough, mainly talking to bloggers. John Chow’s site is filled with ads of one sort or another and he will review your site for a mere 400 dollars. John Chow recently ran a Blog Income Report-December 2007. Well, I guess making $25,000 in a month isn’t too bad.

John Chow is proof that its better to have your own traffic than to go after Google’s, but I am having too much fun going after Google’s. Of course, John Chow might also tell me that it isn’t about having fun. is a business and John Chow treats it as such. Unless my tired eyes are playing tricks on me, John Chow doesn’t show up in a Google Search for John Chow until about Page 6. As I said, John Chow doesn’t seem that concerned about search engine traffic.

John Chow does care about money, which he talks about rather a lot. One of his keys to getting readers is telling them that John Chow made 25,000 dollars last month. A number of bloggers have followed suit and said: Ha! Look what I made John Chow! I am not exactly bragging about my vast December 2007 earnings, but I will share them with you all the same.

Amazon links of one sort or another- $64.10
Various Affiliate ads-$0.00 though I have been running the odd ad here and there.
Paid Posts-$0.00 tried but never seemed to do it exactly the way I was supposed to.
Donations-$0.00 well, no one really donates money to whiny bloggers, do they?

Yes, Sir, I am no John Chow. Though I do hope to get an EntreCard ad on his site one of these years.

But I am going to try a little harder over the coming months and see if I can make more than the cost of a few meals out. I am in need of a new computer and Hawaii has been on my list for a very long time. But I have no interest in Being John Chow, just making the kind of money that John Chow makes. I can only follow my own path and hope that I get enough numbers to sell some ads and starting living the life of Riley, or John Chow, as the case may be.

John Chow was not harmed in the writing of this post-though his name may have been invoked a few too many times.

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