Zen and Juggling

Zen-doctrine that enlightenment can be attained through direct
intuitive insight
Juggling-throwing and catching several objects simultaneously
Zen Juggling-Enlightenment through throwing and catching.

Ok, not really an original idea, there was a book about enlightenment through juggling that was kind of a fun idea, but ended up being totally silly. Kind of like, well, what did you expect?
I’m not sure. Maybe it was just me that was silly. After a while you read enough books on finding wise and important people at gas stations or flying planes or selling robes that you just kind of expect all books to hold some kind of deep meaning.
The trouble will all these kinds of books is that they don’t really work. The Secret is fun enough to read, but I can’t seem to see any results from it at all. Some of the books are fun in that they have this really impossible workout included in them that makes it pretty much impossible for the average lazy bum like me to even try and follow. Zen, however, is another story all together. Zen, at it’s core, is being here and now. Not easy, but possible. Zen is paying attention. Zen is noting that you are sitting or standing or laying down. Juggling is one of those really Zen activities. You can’t really be watching a movie while you juggle or you’ll drop whatever your juggling. So there you are, in the moment, catching and tossing and catching and tossing. It is really a nice way to spend a few minutes.

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