zoom We find ourselves in the middle of three different stories which are intimately connected to each other. All three feature creatives telling a story.

The first story we see is set in a sex doll factory. Over sexualized torsos hang from hooks like the bodies in a horror movie or meat in a slaughterhouse. For some reason I was expecting more from these dolls, I thought they were going to turn out to be like the robots in A.I. Or Surrogates. But no, they are just life sized dolls. Two of our heroes are turned on by working around these sex toys and have sex in the break room. The woman feels a bit inadequate and decides to get a set of new breasts. Very large breasts.

The second story is shown in cartoon form and deals with a movie director who has a sudden shrinkage of his penis. We watch as he tries a number of methods to enlarge his dick. This problem distracts him from making a good movie.

The third story is about a woman writing a book. She leaves her abusive boyfriend and heads to a tropical island to find her muse. Along the way she does a lot of drinking and experiments with a bit of lesbianism.

There are a few subplots having to do with such things as a drug deal, the buyer of one of the sex dolls, and two women who want to have a threesome with the movie director.

There are a few funny bits here and there.

The punch line of the movie is that none of it is real. The people working in the doll factory are part of the story being written by the woman seeking her muse. The woman is an actress in a movie being made by the director. The director is a character in a comic book being written by the woman who works at the doll factory.

There are parts of Zoom that rip off an old Carol Burnett bit where a writer changes his mind and we have to watch as the characters deal with the changes as they happen.

Zoom was an odd film. It was like a porno with way too much plot or a regular movie with way too much sexual content. In the end, none of it matters because we are told none of it was real. As much as we are told anything. Only worth watching if you have a couple of hours to kill.

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